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Do you want to hire a speaker that brings value to your team or your event? Then it is critical for you to hire a speaker that is empowering, energetic, educational, and able to inspire action with every word. Why are these things important? When you empower your team, their confidence grows, and they attack goals with a “will do” attitude. The energy they receive from the speaker will be channeled into results for your team’s goals. The education that is provided gives each team member the tools to strengthen the organization, and themselves. Each of these elements will inspire everyone in its own unique way. I believe that if we are given the right tools, anything is possible. That belief is behind why I speak about the following topics:


I help organizations and teams uncover their purpose, and I show them that what they once thought to be their greatest weakness are actually their greatest strengths.


I teach organizations and teams that leadership is influential and that each individual has a responsibility at all levels to set the right example in communication, task management, and relationship building.


I inspire organizations and teams to maximize their potential by showing them how far they have come and by helping them see how far they can go.


I empower organizations and teams with the knowledge of how to build strong relationships by stressing mental and physical health, assuming positive intent, and good listening skills.


I teach organizations and teams how to increase productivity, stay focused, build structure, and remain self-aware.

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frequently ask questionS

How long has Coach Morgon been speaking?
11+ years

What types of organizations have hired Coach Morgon as a speaker?
Schools (grades 5-12), Colleges, Military, Corporations, Small Businesses, etc.

What topics does Coach Morgon address?
Uncovering your purpose, leadership, resilience, relationships, corporate culture, endurance sports, and team building.

Can I book Coach Morgon to speak virtually?

How far in advance should I book Coach Morgon to speak at our event?
Immediately upon confirming the event date and booking your venue.

What is Coach Morgon’s speaking fee?
Contact Coach Morgon to inquire about booking fees or expenses.

Coach Morgon

The Peoples Coach

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