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The reason I’m dedicated to changing lives…

Years ago, my life was challenging (to say the least), but I had no idea that I was wasting away until I started to lose those closest to me. First, my little brother was killed. Then, I went through a divorce at a young age, my grandmother that raised me passed away, and when I deployed to Afghanistan I witnessed death almost daily.

When I came back from my combat deployment, I felt like I had been stripped of who I’d been before. Nothing felt or seemed the same. My soul had been exposed, and I didn’t know how to protect it.


Become an amazing coach

The first step is to believe it's possible


Highly acclaimed triathlon coach Morgon Latimore has combined his decades of coaching experience with the resources he has used himself to bring you this guide for aspiring coaches. Morgon combines humor, stories, and actionable instruction to break down the coaching business into manageable processes. Become An Amazing Coach is not just a how-to guide, it is a treasure chest with everything a new coach should and should not do.

Magnificent Athlete Journey

Build n athlete -coach relationship that
fosters trust, confidence, and limitless results

Magnificent Athlete Journey is guaranteed to address every aspect of your journey as an athlete. It will answer questions around juggling training and life, how to find and work with a coach, the line between information and TMI, the importance of personal growth, and more… Morgon Latimore brought together his years of experience as an endurance athlete and triathlon coach to create this comprehensive guide to the athlete journey. Latimore uses personal experiences, athlete stories, guided questions, and his own signature blend of humor and motivation to meet every athlete where they are on their journey and to elevate that journey to the next level.

My Duty to Give back

It wasn’t until a very awesome friend told me, “It’s hard, but you have to get back out there,” that I started cycling and running. That’s when I realized that I could inspire others and change lives through fitness. Since then, I have dedicated my actions to making sure athletes never feel alone and to continuously helping them uncover their “why”.

I have learned that when you focus on the people everything else will work itself out, so every day I do just that. I focus on the people. Triathlon has given me so much joy and I feel it is my duty to give back.


Six Facts about Coach Morgon


My first triathlon was Semper Tri Sprint, and I was not prepared at all. I thought I could muscle through it and still have fun. I was so wrong. I got it done, despite having a surf- enter ocean swim (I’d never been swimming in the ocean before that day) and a run that felt like God himself was mad at me for making the poor choice to run in insoles I had never used before.

I have spent most of my life feeling alone and detached from the world but have always felt that I had a purpose. Even as a kid, I would fantasize about having superpowers. I believed that one day the powers would just appear, and I would know what I was meant for.
The first time I cried about a race wasn’t at my Ultraman Florida finish in 2018. It happened many years before that while watching the play-back of the IRONMAN World Championships in Kona. I believe it was on CBS, but I’m not 100% certain. What I DO know is that I was so overwhelmed with emotion hearing story after story of triathletes defying all odds to earn the title of IRONMAN.
I was raised by my mother, grandmother, great grandmother, and aunt, and I was no saint. They always supported me, even though I didn’t see it when I was young. Being raised by women created an appreciation within me that I truly don’t know how to explain. The strength and resolve that I have seen from them has created the man I have become. I believe this has been a vital part of my success.
Surprisingly, I never thought I would become the coach that I am today. I have always been told that I was a natural leader, but I never would have imagined that I could help so many athletes become more than they thought possible. I’ve coached and mentored over 1,000 athletes, and every interaction has made me a better coach.

I want to solo hike the Pacific Crest Trail and the Appalachian Trail one day. I have always been fascinated with exploring and setting off on my own adventure. I would describe it as my rebirth or spiritual journey to uncover a deeper part of myself. Now to find 6 months in my schedule to play in the forest.


Coach Morgon

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