Speaker Coach Morgon


I envision teaching coaches the skills to create the ultimate athlete experience, and teaching athletes how to find the coach that is the best guide for their individual journey.

My mission is to educate athletes and coaches about training, racing, and themselves by helping them understand what their roles and responsibilities are.

I believe that a coach should meet each athlete where they are, not where others think they should be. Coaching athletes is about guiding men and women on a journey to explore their mental, physical, and emotional possibilities, and the only way that can be done is by creating an unmovable athlete-coach relationship. A coach must get to know athletes on a deeper level in order to provide the best coaching possible. Neither the coach nor the athlete is in charge; they are a cohesive team moving toward a designated goal.

I help athletes appreciate who they are and what they can accomplish by assisting them with finding the emotional purpose that drives their actions. Athletes that are coached by me gain confidence and develop a greater sense of self-belief.

Coach Morgon

The Peoples Coach

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